Skin Enhancements

 Have you ever thought of having an aesthetic surgery? There are lots of things now that you can do to your skin and body structures. Thanks to the technology that can dramatically change you instantly!

When I was younger I was thinking of having a nose lift. But when I got older and older I realized that I don’t have to enhance it since it is not that bad at all. I was also thinking of having a boob job before, but no thanks, even if I have money I guess I won’t do that anymore. I am contented with what I have now. But if given a chance maybe a liposuction will do, haha!

Kidding aside, what’s really on my mind is just a simple skin enhancement. My skin is so dry ever since, but I noticed that is is changing now maybe because of the lotions and rosehip oil I’ve been using or maybe because of the weather here. Even in that case, I still want some beautification for it. Have you heard of skin tightening? I have no idea how they does that but I want it someday! I also wanted to remove my scars if there’s a chance. Those  are always my frustrations – a seamless legs and arms. I wish I could still have them in the future.

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