We Got SHOT!

 My kids are almost ready for school. Done with almost everything. Last week they just got their Physical Examination and yesterday Ishi visited her school for Open House and got their Immunization for DPT. We headed to Health Department to have their vaccine. We talked to them about it already but when it’s already their turn, they started to say they don’t like an injection. The nurse talked to them but only Ishi was convinced to have a shot. Daddy hugged her and she successfully had her shot without any problem. Ethan really don’t like a shot, he is always my problem when it comes to things like this, good thing daddy was with us so he held Ethan like how he held Ishi but Ethan was crying so loud and trying to get out from daddy’s arms. The nurse and the daddy had a hard time on him. But still, the nurse managed to give him a shot and were all set! Immunization complete! Our next plan is to look for a cosmetic dentist, the doctor who administered Physical Examination to them told us to have their teeth check . Husband and I were also worried about their teeth. They are so young to experience tooth problems. How I wish they will cooperate once we found a dentist coz that’s the other problem with them, they really don’t like dentists!

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