Great Feeling

Thanks for the post from Sylvester Campbell

There’s nothing like putting my kids on the bus in the morning knowing they’re going to a great school and getting to come back inside to a calm, quiet house in the morning. I know I’m a stay at home mom and that implies that I stay home with the kids but what I really want to be doing is staying home alone. I like to have at least an hour to read and workout each day and it’s hard for me to run errands and even clean the house when the kids are at home over the summer. I went to get wild blue at the beginning of the year so I could do some of my shopping online and get that out of the way and I even signed them up for the neighborhood swim team but that only occupied them for a couple hours a day and I ended up playing chauffeur to their whole team! It’s school time again, though, so I’m a happy mommy once more.


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