Kinds of Cosmetics

One of the things that women love aside from bags and shoes are cosmetics. This is one of the things that can’t be out of a woman’s life. But when you say cosmetics it’s not only the make ups we were wearing everyday for our skin and faces, there’s also for hair and mouth.  Here are some of the cosmetics we are using everyday:

Skin cosmetics. These include blushers, rouge, face powder, foundations, cold cream, moisturizers suntan lotions and lip color/lipstick. This group also includes eye-makeup such as eyeliners, eye shadow, and mascaras. Beauty-baths, hair-removal substances, underarm deodorants, perfumes, shaving cream also fall under this category. 

Hair cosmetics. Hair cosmetics include shampoos, hair conditioners, hair-gels, mousses, sprays, styling substances. These also include curlers, straighteners, permanent waves, and hair-coloring products such as dyes and bleaches. 

Nail cosmetics. This group includes nail polish and cuticle softeners. 

Mouth cosmetics  or oral cosmetics are the toothpastes, mouthwashes, teeth-whiteners and sprays for a good breath.

Either of  those cosmetics also have two types and they are called synthetic and the natural cosmetics. I am using both of them whichever is available. Synthetic are common but there are lots of natural cosmetics coming out from the market nowadays. Some people specially students with Make Up Artist Courses are choosing natural over synthetic of course but some are not aware of the differences so they are just buying whatever they think suitable for their skin and body.

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