She’s Turning 6!

Time is really frying so fast! My daughter is turning 6 soon! It’s been like only yesterday when she was born and now she’s gonna be six 2 months from now! I am not planning any party, a simple celebration might do or a family vacation. She is also requesting for a gift so we might just gonna prepare for that request.

I wish I could give her a party every year, I missed planning one. I miss making an invites, lootbags, party program and decors! But we can’t. We have to prepare for her 7th birthday which is just one year away. I would love to make a special 7th birthday invitation like those Sweet 16 Invitations I am seeing online. I love to make an extra ordinary program and I will personally decor the place wherever it will be. I want to make my baby happy in her 7th birthday next year!

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