Shopping For Winter Clothes

I have seen a lot of winter outfits already in most of my favorite online stores! They are all on SALE! You know how crazy I am with sale especially when I saw their lovely designs! It’s my first winter here so I am excited to shop some for me and my kiddos.  It’s also my first time that I am gonna experience winter and experience wearing winter clothes like what I have been dreaming before. I hate the fact that winter is cold and I am sure gonna freeze to death but I love the idea of wearing winter clothes! The furry coats, the boots and tights that I’ve been longing to wear! Sounds crazy right?

I guess it’s not too early to shop coz I am starting it now! I have seen winter jacket for kids a hello kitty ones and princess that is just perfect for my little princess. Of course there are for men’s and boys too  such as Carhartt, Levis, Dickies, Timberland, and laCrosse but I am a little bit crazy about girl stuff so I am focusing with them first.  And you know what, I have seen the sub total for my girl’s stuff only and it’s now more that a hundred bucks for 3-4 items only! Good thing there are lots of online stores ow offering free delivery over $100! I am not certain with some of the sizes when buying online but there’s nothing to worry coz you can always return and change the sizes. But as of three month purchasing online, haven’t experience getting the wrong size yet. So I am giving you a friendly advice here to shop online rather than shopping in an outlets. Don’t worry about the delivery coz you can always track your order.


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