My Swatch Prize

Last April I was lucky to win this swatch watch from a certain giveaway. I always love to have a swatch watch, sadly it’s too big for my small wrist. I am thinking of giving it away too but I just can’t let it go! I so love it! I wanna use it but it don’t fit. I wish I could still use it really or someone could give a swap of it. Any watch would do but if somebody would swap stainless steel watches, that is much better.

Anybody wants to swap?

I am planning to buy one more watch this year that same style as this or a sporty one.  I wish I could find a cheaper one this coming thanks giving sale. Have you seen the Cartier watches for sale online? They are so nice and oh, wow, the price are nice too! I wish I could get one for my husband this Christmas unfortunately, I can’t afford yet.

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