Shopping For Adults This Time

I’ve been shopping for kids ever since I started earning online. Shopped for my kids and for my nieces and nephews. Got different clothes from online stores and all of them were good finds. Last week I bought my boots, the first one arrived already and I am still waiting for the other one. I just realized, I’ve bees shopping items for kids only and I didn’t get mine yet, now it’s time for myself! 🙂

Aside from me, my sister and my mom is requesting some clothes too,  it’s not hard to look for womens’ clothes online anymore coz there are lots of them online, my problem is my mom coz she is a little too big and she needs  plus size clothes. Good thing you can find anything in the net and I found a nice store for plus sizes just right for her. I might start shopping for adults this month, starting from my winter jackets and some more boots. I really need to invest for it coz I am not so good at cold weather and besides, I always love to wear winter clothes. I might be buying some Christmas gifts for my cousins aside from my mom and my sister. But now this month coz I have plenty of expenses.

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