I am still on process on how to make my kids room more on “Kids” room. I wanted it to become a colorful one and decorative. But it’s hard to neutralize the decors for my kids are sharing one room and they are a boy and a girl. Imagine how will I turn it to a unisex room. My girl love to make it more girly but I can’t coz the other one wants it to become a boy’s room! Hard right? I know! So now I have to neutralize it. I am planning to make it like kindergarten room, a colorful one with lots of pictures on the wall. I also wanna put some lighting in all the corners that’s why I need to find a home lighting retailer to get a lower price.  I wanted to put some more decors in their room but I am always having a hard time cleaning up for their always messing up with their stuff. I am tired of training them, I am always telling them to organize their stuff but they seem not listening. I need more patience, if I am going to decor their room, they must know how to maintain it too right? Oh, good luck with that!

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