Christmas Here and There

47 days to go and it’s Christmas! Have you put up your christmas tree? Lit up your christmas lights and lanterns? Finished with your christmas lists and wishlists?

It’s our first Christmas here in Ar so as much as possible, I want to treasure and savor the moment. Christmas is one of my favorite occasion next to birthdays, I love making list of people that are important to me and buy them special gifts. I also love to bring my kids around, visit their god parents and other friends to greet them Merry Christmas.  I also love how people prepare  delicious foods for noche buena, wait till the clock strikes 12 and greet everyone a Merry Christmas! I am aware that Christmas here is not celebrated like how we used to in the Philippines. I know it’s different but in my heart, Christmas wherever you are is still Christmas. It’s the day Jesus was born and we should always be thankful about that.

Last Christmas 2010

The photo above was taken last christmas. Daddy wasn’t with us that time. I wrapped a lot of gifts and put it in our little christmas tree inside our room. My kids always got plenty of presents every year. They are lucky coz I don’t remember receiving such number of gifts when I was their age. And that was my dream actually. Yearly, I am wishing for something that I love and my loving husband manage to fulfil my wishes. This year, I wanted to have a ring. I know that sounds childish but I really want to have one like an engagement ring with stones. I have no idea how much it costs but I am sure it’s expensive! I really want a ring like the photos below, I wish I will have one this Christmas! 🙂

Empress III Diamond and Sapphire rings 

Solitaire Channel Set Diamond Ring

Princess Solitaire Diamond Ring

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