Fond of Bracelets

I am not the type of woman who love accessories. I love cute and pretty stuff but I am not that much of an accessory lovers. But ever since I gave birth to my daughter, I started to appreciate them. I love buying accessories for my daughter when she was a baby but you can expect a baby to get irritated with all the stuff in her neck and wrist so I stopped buying since then. Now that she is already 5 years old and soon gonna be six, I started to collect and buy some accessories for both of us. She love necklace with charms and some bracelets too. I will start collecting or maybe making some in the future for her.

I am planning to make accessories on my own so I am trying to learn how to create one via you tube. I love to start with shamballa bracelets, they seem nice and simple. I love these bracelets for they are made of strings and not metals. I also want to make some bracelet made out of birthstones. I will try as soon as I find time this month coz I find bracelet as one of the nice gifts for Christmas instead of buying right?

I hope making bracelets is not that complicated at all.

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