I Saw Daddy Shopping Online

My husband was so funny, yesterday he is staying infront of his macbook for a couple of hours looking very seious. I peep on what he is doing and I was surprised he was only shopping for some winter jacket and gloves online. I know shopping and choosing items for yourself is hard, there are lots of preference you should consider and I understand that you have to get the best for yourself. I was just enjoying how my husband was seriously shopping online and looks like thinking of something very important. My husband hates shopping, he doesn’t want to spent long time in shopping but this time, he’s different. Men are really more meticulous than woman I guess. He is choosing from three different brands while observing him, he visited online sites of Notrth Face, Adidas and Nike and guess what? He didn’t order any jacket or gloves till now! And instead, I saw him staring at Adidas Y3 trainers shoes and then end up watching starcraft games.

I don’t understand what’s keeping him from buying it, he has his money that can afford to have thiose jackets and gloves even they are a little bit pricey. He love the designs of the jackets and gloves, but still he didn’t buy anything. I guess his thrifty side stopped him from spending some of his earnings. That’s my husband.

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