Jewelry Designs for Kids

Custom Jewelry Tags

I received a custome jewelry tags for free and I am planning to make a jewelries for kids and sell them online or give them away this coming Christmas. I wanted to make a set of jewelries, with necklace, bracelet and ring. I made some jewels before that made of beads and I guess I can still do it again. I love to make a personalized jewels with names and or with their birth stones like. I can make a ring with ruby beads like a realĀ ruby eternity rings. I can also make their names in a bracelet or necklace using different ready made letters for jewelries. I am still looking for more designs in the net and after my daughter’s birthday, this is gonna be my next project. My husband is gonna kill me now! I have so many stuff in mind, crocheting, balloons artsm bow making and now jewelry making! Our living room is already a mess! I guess I need to look for an apartment with three bedrooms and make the spare one as my HOBBY LOVEY room (wink), what do you think?

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