Shopping Bag #22 Red Soccer Zip-Up Hoodie & Pants

My son is not in the mood to strike a pose infront of the camera, he’s always doing this silly faces in front of it but still it’s cute of course! I didn’t force him to pose that day I just let him do his own style and took a stolen shot of him wearing the red soccer zip up hoodie and pants I bought for him online.

This kind of outfit is so cute for small boys like my son. Wearing matching clothes like this makes them look mature. When I first saw this pair, I immediately added it in my shopping cart and bought it for my him. There are different colors and designs  of this kind but I chose red. Bright colors are nice to him. Aside from this red hoodie, I also got him a  yellow one. I will post it soon too when I got a chance to take a photo of him wearing it.

Thanks for sharing!

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