Studio Shots

This is my daughter’s first studio shot here in Arkansas. We haven’t had our family photo  in studio yet for I find them costly. In schools, they are having their pictorial  for Year Book. It’s free and comes with their yearbook payment but if you wanted to have a copy of ther shots, you have to choose a package, order and pay for it.

At first I was not interested on purchasing coz I don’t wanna spend money for it. Besides, I am not satisfied with the first shot:


Take 1

But when the school announced that there would be a retake, I changed my mind and ordered a set of photos and I love how it turned out to be:


Lovely isn’t?! Good thing I changed my mind about ordering. She has now her first studio shot in Arkansas.

I am planning to have our family portrait before the year 2011 ends. I hope we could get an affordable photographer. There are plenty of expert photographers nowadays. Some are just doing it for pleasure and some are starting to make it as business. I wish I am good at it, I have my SLR but I am not so good at it. I really need to learn more about phorography coz it seem to be one of the good source of income.

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