Shopping Bag #29 Crocs — up to 65% off @ Zulily!!!!

O — M —- G!!! Crocs is in ZULILY and the crazy part was that it’s 60% OFF!!!!

Do you think I will let this Pass?! Oh hell, big NO!

I’ve been waiting for these SALE and I will not let this pass this crazy sale again!

Here’s what I bought for the kiddos…

For Ethan…size C11 (6.8-7.1 inches foot size)

Navy & Sea Blue Mickey Mouse Electro Slide – Kids

original $30.00

For Ishi…size C12 (7.2 inches foot size)

Fuchsia & Bubble Gum Keeley Flat – Kids

original $25.00

And For me……size W6 (6.8-7.1 inches foot size)

I was torn between these two ….and guess what I got?

Cotton Candy Shayna Clog – Women

original $30.00

Cotton Candy Baya Clog – Women

original $30.00


Sorry to my husband coz I can’t find any crocs that fit his size, better luck next time! 🙂

Come hurry and Visit ZULILY and grab some pair of Crocs and other products!!!

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