Shopping Bag #31 One Lucky Girl!

Last Saturday, February 18th, I got to buy my first PHONE in AR, and not just any phone but an iPHONE. I feel so blessed! I used my blogging money for the month of FEBRUARY to buy this phone but my husband will be paying for my monthly bills, lol so I should give him credit for this ūüôā And wait, there’s more, he bought me a new shoes and a pair of corporate suits for my job hunting. I am lucky eh! Thanks to my husband!

My iphone

shopping bag at Dillards

My boots from $79 to $27

My husband can hardly¬†believe¬†it! I don’t want a fancy shoes if I can look for something that I like for a greater deal!

my corporate suit

my blazer from $139 to $48.65

and my pants is not on sale, i got it for $89 but I have no choice coz the fitting is perfect!

Gosh I can’t wait to have a job soon and dress and put make up everyday (excited and has positive energy)!

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