Spring Cleaning!

Spring time has arrived! I am loving the weather outside! It’s so warm and so sunny! It’s time to put our winter clothes in a box and start wearing clothes for spring! I love spring weather, it’s not too cold and it’s not too hot. I can wear a comfortable clothes and if it’s a little bit cold, I can wear a not so think sweater.  I checked on my kids closet yesterday and start planning on what to do with their winter clothes. Kids are growing so fast and I don’t think they can still use their winter outfit next year so I am thinking on giving them away instead of keeping them in the box. Aside from cleaning up our closet, I am planning to change some of our bedding too. I saw some Egyptian cotton bed linen online but I am not sure if these kind of cloth is much better during spring and summer. I better research about it first. So for now, let me just finish with my kids’ closet.

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