Shopping Bag #33 Mommy’s New Spring Stuff

Phew! It’s been a while since we last visited outlets! Since we only do it every change of a saeason, we can only get to shop in outlets quarterly. My husband is budgeting his money wisely that’s why we don’t go shopping most often unless we need to buy something that can’t wait for the next quarter.

This Spring, my budget became higher than expected because I needed so many stuff.

Here’s my shopping bag…

As you all know, I am looking for a job so I need some formal clothes so I bought these 4 pcs of tops in Banana Republic. I chose the ones on sale only plus a 10% discount because I bought their reusable shopping bag (pink one) that I can use again next time and get 10% discount again  everytime I use it. Isn’t cool?

I also got silver jewelry set for 30% off!

Aside from formal tops, I also shop for some casual tops that I can use this spring at Old Navy. Most of them were  buy one take one except for the blue one that I bought for regular price because I wanted to pair with my daughter. I got that blue one from teens section size 16 and my daughter’s was size 5.

Aside from tops, husband asked me to look for pants too. I still have two pants left but the the other one is too old already while the other one is too loose for me.

This was the first time that I enjoyed shopping in an outlet coz during our past visit in an outlet, I am not buying that much coz I don’t wanna add up in my husband’s burden (lol, drama!) 

So there’s my shopping bag for this week…I will share my kids and husband’s shopping bag next time!

Shopping Bag

Thanks for sharing your Shopping Bag with us!

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