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Finally I was able to buy new pair of jeans! Gosh! I came here in AR with only two pair of jeans a Harvard and a Levis Jeans. But among those two, I only got to use the first one coz the second one is kinda big to me. Since I am always using the first one, it looks like a rug already that I cannot take it anymore so I asked my husband that I really need to buy a new one!

We visited Branson just this morning and I was able to look for two pair of pants that fits me! Hooray! I am supposed to buy pants online but I am not sure what size to buy since the measurement they are using from the Philippines before is not the same in here. So now that I got to know my american size, I can buy now online! I found this G and L Clothing online that offers so affordable pants with different brands and style such as Carhartt, Levis, Dickies, Timberland, and laCrosse. . What I love about shopping online is that there are so many options to choose from aside from huge discounts and even FREE shipping if you purchase $100 or more! Some people are afraid to shop online coz they are thinking they might not get their orders or whatsoever but what I love about shopping online is that they can provide you with tracking numbers for your order and if ever you are not satisfied, you can return them as well.

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