Coach Brown Signature Irene Wedges Sz5.5

I never thought I will be buying shoes from Coach coz in the first place, I don’t want an expensive stuff like this which I am sure I am not gonna use that often. I saw shoes online and they are like all $100 and above!!!

This coach shoes, is not that expensive, I got this from a 2nd hand store for $60.  It’s a charity store near husband’s office in Rogers. They are selling 2nd hand stuff to support the kids engaged in sports. I am not supposed to buy it but it’s so nice and didn’t see any scratch or any flaws coz the owner said she used it only once so it’s really ‘like New’.

It’s been a month now since I bought this shoes but I never had a chance to use it.

I am thinking of giving it to my MIL when I got a chance to send a Balikbayan Box soon!

Coach Brown Signature Irene Wedges Sz5.5

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