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Shopping for your husband, son and boy friends is the hardest thing to do based on my experiences. I am always having a hard time deciding what kind of gift should i give. Mostly clothes and accessories are the first thing that will come up to your mind. Why? First, man’s stuff are so damn expensive, second is that man only have few choices of clothes unlike women who can wear a lot of different clothes, different colors and styles and one more reason is that, it’s hard to find a fashionable store for men. My friend recommended a store called stylepilot that has a good¬†mens fashion style. I stumbled on their site and oh man oh man that site is cool! If you have a hard time thinking and deciding what kind of outfit what you’re gonna give to any man in your life, this store will help you choose what’s perfect for him. Their site has a cool system where you can try it on by just answering some og the questions asked ¬†like your body dimension, color and voila…they can give you a lots of recommendation what fits your personality most!

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