Blonde Wig Costume Review

Another collection of wig for me and my daughter, thanks to Costume Discounters for this Beautiful, Blonde Locks. We love playing dress up and doing photoshoot a lot of times and wearing costumes and wigs is way more fun! Recently we weren’t able to do photoshoot together coz they were too busy playing minecraft and no time to play with mommy infront of camera. And also, my remote control ran out of battery and I keep forgetting to buy a replacement. But anyways, back to our new wig, we still manage to capture some images of us wearing it to show you guys.

This wig is actually a Girl’s Alice In Wonderland Blonde & Blue Wig. It features blonde hair with light blue streaks and a black headband. Although there is a different size for kids, this wig fits both for me and my daughter (see picture below). I love this specific kind of wig for it’s easy to put on your head even without using pins or clips, My daughter said its more comfortable that our other wig. We might use this on halloween since we both have blonde wigs now. My daughter and I loved this very much  and looking forward to have more wigs in different color next time.




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