Dress Up!

It’s been a while since I last dress up. It sucks when you are a stay at home mom and doesn’t have your own car unless it’s your time to drive your kids to their dance class or gymnastics class. I love being a stay at home mom (don’t get me wrong) but I wish I am not stuck at home most of the time! I wanted to go out and socialize or at least do some window shopping! I wish working even I am so tired all the time juggling both career job and house chores but atleast I felt like I am free. Free to do whatever and whenever, shop what I want without any worries since I am spending my own money. Really I miss shopping not just for my family but for myself too. When was the last time I bought myself something? I miss going online and look for fashionable clothes and dress up once in a while. The last time I dressed up was new year (see pic below), and how I missed it so much! I really can’t wait to have a job soon! I am hoping and praying it will be very soon!

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Elisha and Mommy

New Year’s Eve Masquerade Party 2014

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