$2 Finds at Rue21!

I have no intentions of shopping at all this Memorial Weekend. I know there will be a lot of SALE stuff but really, never intended¬†to buy anything until I saw this $2 tag price of clothing at Rue21 while the kids stopped at the play area after eating lunch yesterday at Arkansas Mall. We’re solely there to eat lunch before we head to Barnes and Nobles to buy the kids some books. But obviously, RED TAGS will surely get your attention even though I said I don’t have budget for this and that. So I went inside the boutique, looked at some clothes and ended up buying three tops. But hey, I don’t feel guilty coz I only spent $6 plus less than a dollar tax! Not bad at all! Thought to myself, I am glad I went there to “look”.

Here’s one of the tops I bought. An ¬†orange and red checkered long sleeves. I love it and pretty satisfied with the quality despite of the bargain price.


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