Zulily Finds for ‘Mamee and Me’

I am only supposed to look for a boots for my baby girl only but again I ended up buying another work out pants for myself. Now my budget is once again ruined but I keep telling myself, I need it anyway. And besides, it’s very affordable so I wouldn’t wanna let this pass.  To be honest If I really have extra money I will buy more of these coz they are pretty cheap! Unfortunately the the sale event will last only until Monday (Sept. 15) so I will just probably wait for the next sale items ZULILY will be posting next time.

If you find these products cute and affordable you can always visit ZULILY  (click pictures below) and check out their very affordable items like I always do.

Dark Gray ‘Love’ Sweatpants

by Quest

$14.99 $32.00


Black Sweater-Cuff Double-Buckle Boot

add to my favorites

by Anna Shoes

$17.99 $35.00


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