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A mom of two Little Angels Ishi and Ethan and a 6-year wife to Carlos Lising, Jr. We are currently living in Arkansas, USA while husband is working here. I am a full time mom and a blogger for now while waiting for my permit to work.


This is is one of my ‘many’ sites, and this one is obviously about Fashion, particularly of my Daughter and Me. We are not so into latest, we I just love to dress up in pair. When she was a baby, I am always dressing her up matching the colors of what I am wearing  but now that she’s already five years old and has her own preferences, we seldom pair anymore. But still, sometimes I am buying pair clothes for us and she is not yet complaining, Lol.

Aside from our fashion, this site also tackles about what’s the latest in store online and offline especially those on SALE!  From clothes, shoes, accessories and more for both MEN and WOMEN and BOYS and GIRLS!

Hope to see you always in this site, and if you are looking for other topics, you might wanna visit my other blogs concerning of different topics:

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